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Emerging Technologies (old): Twitter

Desktop Applications for Twitter

Why use a desktop application for Twitter?

Desktop Applications allow for easy management and viewing of one's twitter stream, especially for multiple accounts.

Desktop Applications

Tweetdeck: allows users to see sent, received, follwers/users on twitter

Seesmic Desktop: excellent for multiple twitter accounts


Twitterific: for Mac users

Twuffer: send planned tweets, in the future

Digsby: allows users to open multiple social tools/networking on computer

For the iPhone: 29 Twitter apps for the iphone compared

Twitter Basics

What is Twitter?

Some refer to Twitter as a microblogging platform. Others think of it as a bar - a place to gather & share information with other like-minded people. It can also be a very good marketing tool.

How Do You Interact With Others On Twitter?

Your friends on Twitter are called Followers.

A general update on Twitter is called a Tweet, which goes out to all of your Followers (and are searchable by any Twitter user, if your profile is not set to "protected").

Tweets must be 140 characters or less.

There are two options for communicating with an individual user:

  • Direct Message (DM) - this is a private message to another Twitter user
  • The @reply - you send out a tweet in which the @ symbol is followed (without spaces) by the username of the user you are replying to. 


To forward a tweet is to send a ReTweet (RT). This effectively passes on anothers' tweet to the rest of your followers.

Posting to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously:

Twitter to Facebook: Five Ways to post to both