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Latin American Studies: Journals

Print Journals

Alba de America / ILCH

  • Call Number: PQ7081 .A1 A422

Ancient Mesoamerica

  • Call Number: F1434 .A52

Caribbean Quarterly

  • Call Number: F1601 .C38

Caribbean Studies

  • Call Number: F2161 .C29

Cuban Studies. Estudios Cubanos

  • Call Number: F1751 .C986

Estudios CentroAmericanos - ECA

  • Call Number: F1421 .E8

The Hispanic American Historical Review

  • Call Number: F1401. H66

The Journal of Caribbean History

  • Call Number: F2155 .J68

Journal of Caribbean Studies

  • Call Number: F2155 .J72

Journal of Latin American Studies

  • Call Number: F1401 .J69

Latin American Antiquity: A Journal of the Society for American Archaeology

  • Call Number: E51 .L37

Latin American Digest

  • Call Number: F1401 .L38

Latin American Indian Literatures Journal

  • Call Number: PM151 .L372

Latin American Literary Review

  • Call Number: PQ7081 .A1 L35

Latin American Music Review

  • Call Number: ML199 .R48

Latin American Perspectives

  • Call Number: F1401 .L335

Latin American Politics and Society

  • Call Number: CF1401 .J64

Latin American Research Review

  • Call Number: F1401 .L345

NACLA Report on the Americas

  • Call Number: F1401 .N58

Review: Latin American Literature and Arts

  • Call Number: F1401 .A58

Revista de historia de America

  • Call Number: F1401 .R44


Databases and Electronic Journals, What's the difference?

An Electronic Journal (or E-journal) is a traditional journal that is in an electronic format; either because it was originally created that way, or because someone took a print journal article and scanned it to make it available electronically.

A Database is what is created when a large number of electronic journals are put in one place and a search interface (usually a search box) is added to help find what you need. Both databases and electronic journals can be subject specific. When you have a database that only has the title or abstract, but not the full text, it is usually referred to as an Index.

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Journals

Scholarly journals have articles written by researchers who are considered experts in a field. These journals are also known as "peer-reviewed," "refereed" or "academic" journals.  Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a scholarly journal. Popular magazines have articles written by writers or journalists. Time or Newsweek are examples of popular journals.

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