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Home Schooling: Get Started

Free (or partially free) resources for homeschooling focusing on information for parents and resources for students.

Get Started

For those who have never had to plan the details of a child's education, these tools and apps allow individual teachers (e.g. home school parents)  to sign up to use them. Many include resources and articles to help you plan great lessons and enhance your curriculum.

Home School Curriculum Resources

Cost: There is a cost for most of these sites to get the complete curriculum packages. Many sites offer curricula for only a few subjects, so you may need to combine several curricula to cover everything you want your child to learn. Some sites are very structured and administer the schooling with your assistance, others offer a curriculum and you choose what parts you want to use. The best curriculum packages tend to administered through physical books and materials rather than online - thus they are usually expensive.

Accredition: Some curricula are accredited, some are not. Generally less expensive curricula are not accredited, but many times they are more flexible or allow for student paced learning.

Principles: Many home school websites use a particular educational philosophy to drive their curriculum - Montessori is a famous example. This philosophy may include religious principles which are often a core foundation of the home school group's curriculum. Given that, there are some otherwise excellent home school curricula that may be recommended by home school support groups or appear in Best Of... lists which will not appear here.