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Cardinal Newman High Library Instruction: One Search

Use these resources to assist you with your research.

OneSearch - Easy to Use!



Or search in the Catalog, Databases or e-Journal list.

Do you like to use Google?  OneSearch is like Google, but better!

  • Searches Library Catalog
  • Searches for Journal Articles
  • Easily Refine your Search

Once you have created a basic search using OneSearch,
refine it by these or other filters:

  • Type of Content
  • Subject Terms
  • Publication Date
  • Location
  • Language

Here's how:

  • Choose "More Options" below each of these areas to be able to "include" or "exclude" items in each area.
  • Put phrases inside quotation marks to search for words in a specific order, i.e., "civil war" or "multicultural education."

To learn more about using OneSearch, visit our OneSearch guide!

Finding Literary Criticism in OneSearch

To find literary criticism about a book, poem, play, etc.:

  • Type in Search Box
    • Name of book, poem, play, etc. in quotation marks, i.e., "Tom Sawyer"
    • Boolean operator "AND"
    • "criticism" (does not need to be in quotation marks)
  • To narrow results
    • By Author-
      • Add author's name to search string using Boolean "AND," i.e., AND shakespeare
      • Do NOT type author's name in author space in Advanced Search, as this would limit the search to only articles and books written by the author, and would not include literary criticism written by others.
    • Content Type
      • choose as desired
    • Subject Terms -
      • choose "more options" and check appropriate terms to include and/or exclude
      • Terms display in order of the numer of times that term appears in search (highest at top). Can also rearrange alphabetically (see A-Z at top right corner of subject terms box)
      • Included terms can be "unchecked" from the search results page
      • Excluded terms can be "un-x-marked" from the search results page
    • Exclude a specific author from a search by using "NOT" in front of the author's name