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Cardinal Newman High Library Instruction: Find Articles

Use these resources to assist you with your research.


Databases are great for finding information for your research paper. In the databases, you will find peer reviewed or scholarly articles.  Use a database to find full text articles. Electronic journals have all of the information as a print bound journal and can be found in databases. Databases can be accessed in the library and off campus through Off Campus Connect (EZproxy).


JSTOR has both peer-reviewed articles and scholarly e-books/e-book chapters. See the JSTOR Quick Start Guide for "how-to's."

Databases for Literary Critcism

Databases and Electronic Journals, What's the difference?

An Electronic Journal (or E-journal) is a traditional journal that is in an electronic format; either because it was originally created that way, or because someone took a print journal article and scanned it to make it available electronically.

A Database is what is created when a large number of electronic journals are put in one place and a search interface (usually a search box) is added to help find what you need. Both databases and electronic journals can be subject specific. When you have a database that only has the title or abstract, but not the full text, it is usually referred to as an Index.