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Library Faculty Assembly: LFA Archived Items

Past Committees

FAU Libraries Faculty Handbook:
(includes: Faculty Mentoring Program, Partner Campus Libraries, Professional Development, Promotion Appraisal Process)
Ad hoc committee, disbanded 2014

Alyse Ergood
Gary Parsons
Teresa Van Dyke

Library Non Tenure Track Promotion Committee Members:
(FAU Libraries Instructor Promotion Guidelines)
Ad hoc committee, disbanded 2013

Troy Christenson (Chair)
Alyse Ergood
Aaron Kula
Rachael Neu
Dr. William Miller


Librarian (Professor) Emeritus Policy Committee:
Ad hoc committee, disbanded 2007

Malka Schyndel (Chair)
Dee Cael
Ingrid Levin
Darlene Parrish
Susan Setterlund

Past Documents