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LAS 2000 Introduction to Latin American Studies / Dr. Ganson

For Non-Majors and New Students | Latinx & Latin American Studies | Amherst  College

Latin American studies critically examine the history, culture, international relations, and politics, of Latin America. It is not to be confused with Latino Studies, an academic discipline that studies the experience of people of Latin American ancestry in the United States. Latin America has been studied in one way or another ever since Columbus's voyage in 1492. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, scientist explorers such as Alexander von Humboldt published extensively about the region. Towards the end of the nineteenth century and at the turn of the twentieth, within the region, writers such as José Martí and José Enrique Rodó encouraged a consciousness of regional identity.

The purpose of this guide is to provide, you the researcher, with the ability to do research on the subject area of Latin American Studies. You will have the ability to search the library catalog and access our databases and journals all from within this course guide.  This guide also provided you with a list of Latin American studies Primary Source Websites, along with important information regarding library services and departments that may prove useful to you while you are doing research


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