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LAH 4131: Indians in Latin American History


Welcome to your LAH 4131: Indians in Latin American History Course Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide you the researcher with the ability to do research on the subject area of Indians in Latin American History. While you are clearly able to use the FAU Libraries' website for your research needs, this guide is designed to provide you with yet another path to do your research for this class. Everything you will need for this guide can be accessed from this guide. You will be able to search OneSearch, the library catalog, and access our databases and journals all from within this course guide. This guide also provides you with access points to a Primary Source Guide, U.S. Government Documents, as well as, help you with citing your papers properly based on the citation style you are using.  This course guide also offers a list of library services and departments that may prove useful to you while you are doing research. 


Aztlan Codex Boturini

The Mexica depart from Aztlán. From the 16th Century Codex Boturini. Created by an unknown Aztec hand in the 16th century - Wikimedia Commons.

Moctezuma I, the Fifth Aztec King

The coronation of Motecuzuma, I Tovar Codex - Wikimedia Commons

Moctezuma II and Hernán Cortés,

he meeting of Moctezuma II and Hernán Cortés, with his cultural translator La Malinche, 8 November 1519, as depicted in the Lienzo de Tlaxcala - Wikimedia Commons.

Aztec Empire 1519 map - Wikimedia Commons

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