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LAH 3100 Colonial Latin American History

Subject Librarian

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Lawrence Mello
Assistant University Librarian, Government Information and Maps Coordinator & Instruction and Engagement Department

S.E. Wimberly Library, LY 149

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Colonial Latin American Art | Keyword | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History |  The Metropolitan Museum of ArtSpanish Colonies - Women & the American Story


Welcome to the Class Resource Guide on Colonial Latin American History! 

This guide will offer you information and online resource to assist you in finding the library and other reference materials and sources that support your course and research pertaining to Colonial Latin American History and the Age of Discovery. The purpose of this guide is to provide, you the researcher, with the ability to do research on the subject area of Colonial Latin America. You will have the ability to search the library catalog and access our databases and journals all from within this course guide. This guide also provides you with important information regarding library services and departments that may prove useful to you while you are doing research.   

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