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Diversity in Medicine: Ethnicity & Culture

The Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative (PRMHC) 

Communication was identified as the first main area by provider interviews: how do you communicate across a language barrier, as well as *how* a provider is communicating about mental health. 

Lessons in Communication

  • Introduction to the patient
    • Apply Cultural Understanding
    • Use native language greetings
    • Explain your role
    • Enable a comfortable pace
    • Ask open-ended questions
  • Navigating Language Barriers 
    • Broaden your language skills
    • Body language & nonverbal cues
    • Simplify language and concepts
    • Repeat question in different ways
    • Don't assume understanding 
  • Language Access
    • Maintain appropriate eye contact
    • Speak clearly and adjust volume (when talking on the phone with an interpreter)
  • The Referral Process
    • Use you trusted network
    • Follow up for feedback
    • Consider barriers to access
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