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Assignment Builder: What it is, and
Why You Want to Use It

Assignment Builder
What it is and Why you want to use it!

Here's the scoop...

  • Assignment Builder is available within Canvas as an "external tool" that enables you to search for articles, ebooks, and other digital resources from the libraries' collections and easily add links into the online learning environment to create a "reading list."
  • Finding and using permalinks to articles is effortless, and links automatically update.
  • Easily add notes or instructions to each of the resources that you bring in.
  • Create one or more general notes to your students, such as a note covering the entire reading list or a note giving instructions for a specific assignment.
  • Supplement your list with links to other web-based sites or materials, save your lists, and reuse them in part or whole.
  • Keep your reading lists private or make them public so you can share them with others. 


Search Screen

Sample search page for Assignment Builder

Folders and Working View

Sample Assignment Builder page of folders and working view


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