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How many times your article has been cited Article Citation Counts
How many times your book, conference paper, dissertation or patent has been cited Non-article Citation Counts
How many times your publications have been downloaded or mentioned in social media Altmetrics
Who is citing your articles Article Citation Counts
Who is citing your book, conference paper, dissertation or patent Non-article Citation Counts
Your H-index


Article Citation Counts:
A journal's impact factor Journal Rankings
A journal's H-index Alternative Sources for Journal Rankings
Web of Science Web of Science guides and videos

Need more help?

If you need to perform citation analysis, use resources in Web of Science (see more information in the "Author Citation Information" box at the top right side of this page).  

If you are looking for other information about a journal (contact information, publisher information, publisher review, Journal Citation Reports indexing [see "Additional Title Details"], other places it is indexed [see "Abstracting and Indexing"], etc.), please consult Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory.

If you want to know which subjects at FAU are supported by grants, look at resources within FAU Division of Research

You may also want to explore AltmetricsSee an entire issue devoted to this topic in Information Standards Quarterly

Need more information? Contact a Subject Specialist librarian on your topic.