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Interlibrary Loan Help Guide: FAQs

Your guide to using FAU's Interlibrary Loan services

Is your question not here? Contact the ILL Office directly for help.

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Interlibrary Loan
Boca Campus
Bldg LY-3, Rm 214
2nd Floor - West

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri. 8am-4:45pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interlibrary Loan?



Where is the Interlibrary Loan Office located?



Who is eligible for ILL Services?



How much does it cost?



How long does it take?



Can I do anything to get materials faster?



What is the difference between UBorrow and ILL?



How do I place a request?



What kinds of materials can I request?



How many requests can I put in?



I got an email my item is ready, now what do I do?



Can I get a text when my request is ready?



Can someone else pick up my request?



How long can I keep my request?



Can I renew my request?



What happens if my loan is overdue?



What happens if I lose or damage my ILL?



Can I pay with a credit card for my fines/fees?



My Article Request was canceled because of Copyright Limitations. Why was that?