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E-Resources: eBooks


This page gives a brief overview of eBook packages that FAU has access to.  It is not meant to be in-depth, but is useful as a quick reference tool for librarians.  Its main purpose is to remind reference librarians of the check-out and download policies of each eBook package, so that they may advise patrons on how to use each resource best.   

For more information, and for a public guide avaible to patrons, please see the Reference E-Books LibGuide.


  • Check-out: Some. Multi-User books can be checked out for 14 days. See details below.
  • Download: 30% of pages in book
  • PDA collection: Yes
  • Session Timeout:  Sessions will timeout if left idle for 15 minutes, allowing others to access titles with limited user licenses

 PDA titles are single user access. Currently, we do not allow single user books to be checked out, and therefore they can't be downloaded for offline use.

Currently have complimentary access to Ebrary Physical Sciences Subscription Collection.  Access to this collection will end 12/31/2014.

Ebrary Physical Sciences Subscription Collection titles have multiple user licenses and can be checked out for 14 days.

Can download PDF and copy from a certain number of pages for all Ebrary titles.

These page-level downloads do not expire.

Sessions will timeout if left idle for 15 minutes, allowing other users to access a sigle-user title.  Additionally, if a user is idle for 1 hour they will be logged out of their account.

ProQuest Ebrary LibGuide


  • Check-out: No
  • Download: 10% of pages in book
  • PDA Collection: Yes

Books can't be checked out, and therefore can't be downloaded for offline use.

PDA for Florida SUS libraries.

Contains mostly materials related to undergraduate study.

One license for each library in the SUS.  However, each of these licenses can be used by any library (each library has access to the same multi-user license pool).


  • Check-out:  Users may download the titles for up to 7 days
  • Download:  Up to 20% of the book as a PDF.  Can copy and paste up to 5% of book.      
  • PDA Collection:  No

Uses uniques EZproxy authentication, so proxy prefix should be ommitted from links

Multiiple users allowed, even when a book is downloaded

EBSCO eBooks

  • Check-out: No
  • Download: Up to 60 pages, varies by title
  • PDA collection: No
  • Session Timeout:  Sessions will timeout if left idle for 15 minutes.  After timeout, user will be logged out and will give up access to materials.

 EBSCO eBooks can't be checked out by FAU students and faculty,although the check-out option can be turned on. These books can be checked out by users from other libraries.


Many titles from NetLibrary region-wide deal.  These books vary by title on the number of user licenses.


A number of users have had problems getting the book content to display in their browser.  The PDF viewer must be set a certain way.  If you hear of someone having this issue, please refer them to us and we will work with them to get the issue resolved.  



Project Muse

  • Check-out: Not required
  • Download: By Chapter
  • PDA collection: No

eBooks on journal platform.

Books downloadable as PDFs by chapter only (unlimited users and no DRM).

No check out necessary to download chapter PDFs.

Springer eBooks

  • Check-out: Not required
  • Download: Yes (full book as a PDA file)
  • PDA collection: No

Springer eBooks platform same as journals platform (Springer Link).

Books can be download in full as a PDF file.

Downloaded books do not need to be checked out.

There are no limits on the number of times a book can be downloaded (unlimited simultaneous users, no DRM).