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Credo InfoLit Companion Guide: Searching For Information

CREDO Module 3

Searching For Information

Enhance your Search!

Use Boolean operators (ANDORNOT), to further limit ideas, concepts and topics. Try some of the following to refine your search:

  • argument
  • attitudes
  • benefits
  • confronting
  • crisis
  • criticism
  • data
  • debate
  • ethics
  • issues
  • outcomes
  • outlook
  • policy
  • prevention
  • projects
  • reform
  • rights
  • research
  • statistics
  • theories
  • trend
  • viewpoint

Remember to use "quotation marks" around phrases for better searching.

Creating a Search Strategy

The research process is much easier if you follow a few simple steps.  Print out the example and blank form from the links below.

Need help finding synonyms? Check

Google Search Tips

Google Search Operators
      (adding symbols and words to your search)

Search Using Quotation Marks
      To search for a phrase, to find words side-by-side in a particular order
      Examples:        "United States"       "Civil War"

Search by Suffiix 
      To search for sites bearing a particular suffix, like .edu, gov., etc.
      After typing your search terms, type the following:
      (will only show .edu sites)
      (will only show .gov sites)

About Search Strategies