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Best Practices for Video Recording: Post Production

giving tips to beginning videographers.

Handle With Care

In an effort to maintain it's condition and quality for public use, we ask that you refrain from bringing snacks or other beverages into the studio.

Post Production Tips

  • Special effects are important, but not always necessary.  Make sure you note your audience before implementing these features.
    • They can make your video less professional if overused.
  • Crossfade your clips for ambient transitions.
  • Shoot multiple takes.
    • Everyone makes mistakes.  It is important to take a variety of shots.  This can give you a selection for the best.
  • Do not assume that problems in your video can be fixed through editing.  Editing should only be used for minor flaws and is not intended for project overhauls.
    • Always edit your best work.

Basic Guide to Adobe Elements

After ending your recording with the touch screen device, your project is automatically saved on a public server.  To access this server, sign on to the computer in the recording studio.  After signing in, you will see this screen.  Click the "Recordings" icon.

You will then see a list of recordings.  Scroll to today's date and click the folder of the time you filmed your project.

After you have found your folder, Click it.  Inside, you will find a file with an orange street cone.  This is video file.  It can be dragged and dropped into Adobe Elements for editing.

After launching Adobe Elements, the first thing you should do is save your new project.  To do this, Find the "Quick" button.

Click File, New Project.  You will be prompted with a new window.

Name your project, and save it to your flash drive.  DO NOT SAVE TO THE DESKTOP.  IT WILL BE DELETED.

Now, you can start adding content to your project.  Simply drag and drop the orange street cone into Adobe Elements.  It may take a while to upload depending on the length of your video.

If you see a picture from the internet, or another source that you would like to add to your project, simply drag and drop the file folder into Adobe Elements.  The program should take care of the rest.  Don't forget to add citations to your project.

Contact FAU Support


Please do not hesitate to contact the front desk for any assistance in troubleshooting or any questions/concerns about the recording studio that you may have.