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SearchWiSE User's Guide: Search Results Help

Search Result Options

Hovering over the title of a resource will open up a screen on the right side of the page showing more information about the item, often including a summary or abstract of the item, along with citation resources, and a button allowing you to email this summary information only. 

Clicking on the "Read Online" button on the top right side of the screen will take you to the full text or a link to the full text of the resource. 

Creating RSS Feeds of Results

SearchWiSE allows you to create RSS feeds of your searches. After you have refined your search, you can create a "feed" which you can receive in your RSS feed reader* which will notify you of new items which fit those same search criteria.

To get the RSS feed for a SearchWiSE search, click on the RSS button (see highlighted in yellow below). Your browser should ask you which RSS feed reader you want to use for the SearchWiSE RSS subscription. (Chrome browser may have some issues with RSS feeds. You may need to use either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to get best results). 

If your browser does not display a web page that asked you which RSS feed reader you want to use, copy the URL that appears in the browser window (the URL will end with .xml) and then in your feed reader, click the "add" or "new feed" button and paste the URL into the window provided.

Contact your local FAU Reference Librarian for questions or assistance.

* examples of feed readers:  Feedly. Feedreader, RSSOwl, Vienna (for Mac), and many more

Saving Search Results in SearchWiSE

To save selected results after conducting a search in SearchWiSE:

Place the cursor next to the item to be saved. This will cause an icon that looks like a folder with a plus sign to appear in the upper right corner of the record.

Click on this icon to save the item.

A link to the Saved Items folder will appear at the top of the page to the right of the search box. 

Click on the Saved Items link to access the items selected to be saved.

The saved items may be e-mailed, printed or exported to a citation management program such as RefWorks or EndNote. A citation style such as APA or MLA may be selected.

Clear the saved items prior to beginning a new search on a different topic.