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University Archives: Founding Documents

The Braumburg Report

The letter from J. Broward Culpepper accompanying the Brumbaugh Report, 1962.

Bond Drive

Group portrait of people who worked to promote passing the bond issue on the state wide ballot, 1962.

Founding Documents

Florida Atlantic University is very fortunate to have many of the founding documents for the New University at Boca Raton. Below are links to the finding aids for the documents and photographs in these collections.

Founding Photographs:

Key Points

The first page of a 12 page document showing the key points about the New University at Boca Raton between the Brumbaugh Report and Ivey Report, 1962.

Let the Dirt Fly

Dignitaries shoveling dirt at the ground breaking ceromony for the New University at Boca Raton, 1962.

President Johnson

LBJ at the dedication of FAU

President Lyndon Johnson address the crowd during the dedication of FAU, 1964.