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Exceptional Student Education: SearchWiSE

  Other Search Tips

Enclose phrases in quotes to retrieve words next to each other in the specified order:  “citizen journalism” 

Proximity to Other Words: 

Enclose your search terms in quotes and use the tilde (~) followed by a number. Example: “yeast bread”~10 finds material where “yeast” and “bread” appear within 10 words of each other in the specified order. 

Search a Range: 

Use the { } characters to indicate a search range in SearchWiSE. When used on the years {2006 TO 2008} any instance of 2006, 2007, or 2008 will be returned. 

Include Similar Terms in the Search

Use the tilde (~) character at the end of a word to match words that look similar. When used on the term “Lead~” it will match “Wead,” “Veade,” and “Tead.” 

An additional parameter can specify the required similarity. Select a value between 0 and 1, values closer to 1 indicate a higher similarity. For example: lead~0. If the parameter is not supplied, the default is 0.5.

  General Search Tips

Be Specific for best results, e.g. exceptional student education and multicultural education 

Refining your search

After entering a search, use the facets on the left to narrow the results: 

·         target only peer-reviewed articles 

·         show only items with Full Text available online 

·         include/exclude newspaper articles, books, journal articles, 
and more 

·         limit your results by date, language, format or subject

Expanding your search

Mark the facet on the left labeled "Add results beyond your library's collection" to search more places and include items not found in FAU Libraries.  For items not available in the FAU Libraries collections, click on the title and scroll down to "Request document through ILLiad" to place an interlibrary loan request for the item (Pre-registration required to use this service).  

More Search Tips


How can you make your search results more powerful?

1. Combine keywords using AND, and put quotes around terms that go together

2. Select "Keep search refinements"

3. Select "Items with full text" and "Limit to articles from peer-reviewed publications"

4. Select additional Subject Terms

5. Drag the bar to change the date range

6. Notice how these refinements impacted the number (and relevancy) of your results!

  Additional Help

SearchWise covers all subject areas and includes a vast amount of resources in many formats. However, you can also search for articles in databases focused on specific subjects. The Library Catalog is a database listing books, DVDs, and other items owned by FAU. Ask a Librarian allows you to
e-mail, text or chat online with a librarian if you need assistance.