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E-Resources: Database platform changes

Recent Database Platform Changes

Pending database platform changes


AIP ι Scitation:  Beginning in Q3 2013, Scitation will be hosted via Publishing Technology's pub2web, which offers industry-proven architecture combined with powerful semantic web technology to deliver an optimal user experience. 

What does this mean for our library customers and users?
The new Scitation includes:

  • Contemporary look and feel with tabbed navigation for convenient access to content
  • New Scitation thesaurus, which includes 7,500+ terms for easier and more precise searching and browsing of content
  • Google-style Quick search plus Advanced search options for more comprehensive searching
  • Improved article layout with filtering via Scitation thesaurus
  • Implementation of a major author disambiguation program that facilitates reliable, accurate retrieval of records by major author name and institution
  • Enhanced personalization features including article level citation alerts, topic alerts, saved searches, and ability to save searches and search history

Watch for further announcements and our go-live date!

CQ Press Political Reference Suite of Online Editions* is migrating to the SAGE Knowledge platform.  All titles publishing in 2013 will be available on SAGE Knowledge only upon publication. Titles which published in 2012 and earlier will remain on the CQ Press Electronic Library until January 2014.  For information about the migration to SAGE Knowledge, please read our FAQ.

Recent database platform changes

Academic Video Online (Alexander Press Streaming Products): there will be a new url Now Live Academic Video Online.

AIP: AIP has signed an agreement with Publishing Technology to host AIP’s online publications on a robust new platform, the next-generation Scitation. The new platform will incorporate today’s most sophisticated technology and leading-edge features, which will offer you and your patrons expanded opportunities for collaboration and discovery. The new platform is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2012, and we expect you will find the transition to be seamless.

ASCE: The American Society of Civil Engineers is pleased to announce that the ASCE Library launched its new website on Atypon’s Literatum™ platform on June 29, 2012. All ASCE journals and more than 300 conference proceedings will migrate to the new website, which will continue to use the existing domain name See a platform transition webpage on our site to give you all the information you need for this coming change.  URLs for the journal landing pages are changing. ASCE will redirect URLs for three months after shut-down of the old platform. A list of ASCE journals, E-ISSNs, ISSNs, existing journal URLs, and new journal URLs is available here. (xls, 57.5 KB).

BioMed Central: Preview BioMed Central's new-look website

Key features include:

  • A revamped homepage showcasing the most recent and popular published research
  • New-style journal homepages for the BMC series (e.g. BMC Biology, BMC Cancer)
  • My BioMed Central – see the latest articles in your subject areas, and easily manage email preferences and stored searches
  • My manuscripts – much improved display of the status of all your submitted/published manuscripts, and any that you are currently reviewing or have reviewed
  • Institutional Member pages – these now show all articles from a Member institution, not just the last 12 months. Performance is greatly improved and an RSS feed makes it easy to stay up to date
  • Advanced search – additional options for selecting and downloading search results
  • Gateways – subject gateways offer a quick way to see the latest research from across BioMed Central's open access journals on a particular topic, while regional gateways showcase research from particular countries. Each gateway now has a pair of RSS feeds, one for latest articles, and another for Editor's picks
  • Information pages – fully searchable, and with much simplified navigation, these pages tell you all you need to know about BioMed Central

Business Insights:  Essentials
direct URL:

Cambridge Books Online: New-look is set to launch Wednesday, January 30th. There is no need for any action; existing URLs and DOIs will not be changing.

The Cochrane Library:  moved to The Cochrane Collaboration platform on 10/1/2012.

De Gruyter OnlineSee new platform at:
Please note that BePress Journals will also be moving to this platform as BePress was purchased by DeGruyter.

DynaMedA new and enhanced version of DynaMed will be going live throughout the day on Wednesday, July 20 and Thursday, July 21.
[Jane will configure EBSCO links.]

ebrary e-book discovery is now (as of April 2013) live on ProQuest! For additional information, click here to visit our ebrary e-book discovery information page.  Also, there is a short video created by ProQuest Trainers at

EBSCO and WilsonWeb: Wison Web databases will be integrated into EBSCOhost as of February 1st.

eHRAF:  Newly designed and improved eHRAF interface.  The beta version announced in August 2012.  New features include the ability to narrow the search by subsistence types (e.g. hunter-gatherers, which is a favorite of anthropologists and archaeologists).

Engineering Village: As of 7/18/2012
No action needs to be taken.

Evidence Based Medicine Reviews:  New platform 09/2012.

GALE Powersearch: [Jane will customize interface.]  For Gale In Context subscribers, these new enhancements mean users will experience cross-searching functionality across select Gale In Context titles, including Biography, Science, History and others, for the very first time.
Learn about these new features by viewing presentations, guided tours and more >>

History of Science, Medicine, Technology transition to EBSCOhost platform as of 2/2013 [,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=htm].

MIT CogNet: Relaunch of MIT CogNet in early 2012. The completely new research platform builds upon the strengths of the original CogNet, creating the ideal blend of cutting-edge technology and quality content that you have come to expect from the MIT Press.

Passport GMID: new and improved - see Promotional Kit

Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) and Periodicals Index Online (PIO) moved to the ProQuest platform as of April 2013! There is a dual access period that is expected to go into the summer of 2013. For further information on the migration process, links to begin exploring the resources, usage, and other information including access to My Archive accounts, please visit the PAO and PIO migration page

Project Muse: new platform coming January 2012. Beta now available
At launch on January 1, all of the books in MUSE's new UPCC Book Collections will be visible for searching and browsing on the platform, fully integrated with journals.

ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collections : ProQuest will be moving Congressional Hearings from the Lexis Platform to the ProQuest platform during summer 2012. To follow migration progress, see
ProQuest Congressional products that will be migrated off the LexisNexis servers include:

  • ProQuest Congressional Basic: plus the Congressional Indexes and Statutes at Large modules
  • ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collections
  • ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collections
  • ProQuest Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collections
  • ProQuest U.S. Serial Set Digital Collections (I, II)
  • ProQuest U.S. Serial Set Maps Digital Collection
  • ProQuest Government Periodicals Index
    Update as of 7/19/12: Customers will have access to both the Congressional products on the LexisNexis servers and the new   Congressional products at ProQuest. By providing this period of dual access to the Congressional products, you can run sample searches,  readily see the new, better and different, and acclimate yourself and your staff to the product before the fall term begins. Pamela Cowart will assist you to make sure that you are seeing the Congressional products you have access to, provide information regarding MARC records, usage reports, and will answer any other questions you may have about the ProQuest Congressional products. Later this summer, customers will be able and encouraged to bookmark and save the new URL that directs you to the new ProQuest Congressional. You will also be able to make edits on your A-to-Z product lists and update your internal training documents. Once the dual access period is over, access to the LexisNexis products will be turned off. The old URL will continue to redirect to the new product for a period of time, however, we strongly encourage you to change the URL to the new destination, to avoid any errors or issues in the future.

ProQuest Platform Change: December 20th.

RefWorks Write-N-Cite:  The updated RefWorks Write-N-Cite is now live, the old version is still available. On advice of trainer, we will not promote until spring semester. Information on the new Write-N-Cite.

SBRnet:  New interface December 12, 2011.

SAGE: The SAGE Reference migration to SAGE Knowledge will be complete on August 9, 2012 by 5pm (PST)*. From this point you will have access to your purchased SAGE Reference content through SAGE Knowledge only and the SAGE Reference platform will be taken down. This change will be automatic and no action is required on your part.

SpringerLink: (UPDATED 11/5/12) Springer will automatically redirect to the new platform on November 26th. All links will redirect automatically, except links to specific ebook collections (see 11/2/12 update for more info). We will add a note to the DB Web page entry regarding the change, but keep the old link until the migration. Springer content accessed via SearchWiSE is already directing to the new platform.

Although the links will redirect, I suggest updating all the SpringerLink platform direct links you have on your LibGuides.

New URL -

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