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E-Resources: Summon/SearchWiSE

Questions to Consider

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July 11th Summon Advisory Group Meeting Agenda and follow-up notes.

Which link to add to A&I Citation Page - link resolver or ILL?

Search: With print.
7/30 - Will request that the citation page "Request" button have different text.

Catalog Detail Display Page?
A: Not yet discussed
7/30 - Will reveiw before making recommendation.

Database recommender, keep? (See Document's Box, Database Recommender ):
A: Group decided to remove Database Recommender
Update: There will be a new release.
7/30 - Requested that this feature be deactivated.

SearchWiSE widget and search box builder
A: Reference to review; Will add logo to Code; Will discuss at next Reference meeting

UBorrow Link, See FSU example
A: Group decided to include with different wording. Example: :Items you can request statewide.
7/30 - Suggested wording:
“Show ### books you can request from the state University Libraries.” Will work with Serials Solutions to add link and text.

Help Links:

A: Reference to determine links for Help Links.

Add other links to interface
A: Reference to determine
- Change of links
      Help – Now links to; About – Now links to

Review of FAQs for updates
A: FAQ committee to update
7/30 - Former FAQ committee with review and update the FAQ page.

Review of current facets
A: Group decided to remove "Scholarly publications facet."
7/30 -  Removed facet

SearchWiSE survey:

  • Curl on Homepage to @ 8/16

  • Link in SearchWiSE interface

  • Link on Indexes/Databases page

  • Link on Landing page

  • Link in blog and blog post

  • Twitter and Facebook messages

  • Link on SearchWiSE boxes in LibGuides

  • Announcement, emails, and flyers to be distributed.

Summon Wiki's & Mailing List

Summon™ Community Wiki  and Summon™ Clients Mailing lists

FAU Summon List -

Summon™ Clients Mailing List

Summon™ clients collaborate and share ideas using the mailing lists.  In addition, announcements and best practices are sent to clients the mailing list subscribers.

To join the Summon™ mailing list, send an email to with "Subscribe" in the subject line.


Mailing List Archive

To view the Summon™ mailing list archive:

  1. Go to Summon Mailing List Service.
  2. Click First login? on the left side of the page
  3. Access the list .
  4. Click Archive.


Summon™ Community Wiki

You can view the content on the Summon™ Community Wiki without a Wiki user account; however, if you want to post or respond to content posted, a Wiki user account is required.

To open a new user account:

  1. Request a new user account on this form.
  2. Provide information in the Request Account window.
  3. Wait for an e-mail notification with your user account and password. 

Once you have your user account and password:

  1. Visit the Community Wiki page.
  2. Click Log in on the top right side of the page.
  3. Provide your username and password.
  4. Click Log in.
  5. Start participating.

API Developers List

The Summon™ API Developers mailing list is an additional resource for those who wish to collaborate and share API development experiences.

To join, please send an email to:

Using this mailing list  you will be able to communicate with your colleagues at other institutions that are developing with the Summon™ API.  We will also use this channel to communicate any news in regards to the Summon API.

Learn more about the Summon™ API by visiting:

Survey link

Summon 2.0

Agenda for 1/9 meeting:

  • Overview of new features - use SerSol ppt (11/14 email,Summon 2.0 overview ppt)
  • Go into our instance and demonstrate searches
  • Our concerns 
    • LibGuide customizations - Disciplines - need to assign disciplines per SerSol list - decided by Ref
    • Suggested librarian - Librarian who owns the guide will come up - reassigne ref dept. guides example!/search?ho=t&q=%22google%20scholar&l=en Google Scholar
    • Recommended Research Guides - Show both owners and co-owners as librarians - only max of 3 will display - cannot yet customize
    • Other topic explorer issues - related scholar topic, Summon topics
  • Go over marketing/migration plan

Print out Summon 2.0 User Guide - 2pg.