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Humanities: Need More Help?


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Or search in the Catalog, Subject Databases
or e-Journal list

Do you like to use Google?  This is like Google, but better!

  • Searches Library Catalog
  • Searches for Journal Articles
  • Easily Refine your Search

Once you have created a basic search using SearchWiSE, refine it by:

  • Type of Content
  • Subject Terms
  • Publication Date
  • Location
  • Language

Here's how:

  • Choose "More Options" below each of these areas to be able to "include" or "exclude" items in each area.
  • Put phrases inside quotation marks to search for words in a specific order, i.e., "civil war" or "multicultural education."
  • Be sure and send your comments about this new way to Search to our Facebook page, or by email.

Creating a Search Strategy

The research process is much easier if you follow a few simple steps.  Print out the example and form in the links below.

Search Strategy

Do you dread having to work on a research project?  It really isn't that bad if you have a planned search strategy before you begin your research.  See the tutorial below to help get you started!