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Rhetoric: Websites

Evaluating Websites in 5 Easy Steps

Evalutating Websites for Content

If you regularly use the World Wide Web to gather information, you will have noticed that the amount of information is overwhelming and the quality of the information is highly variable. The points below can be used to quickly review a Web page to see if it will meet your information needs.

To evaluate a Web page you'll need to look at the header, footer, and URL as well as the main body of the page. Look for clues which will help you determine the authority, objectivity, accuracy, currency, coverage or scope, and intended audience for the page.

These 5 steps are the generally accepted principles for evaulating websites.

  •  Authority
  •  Objectivity
  •  Accuracy
  •  Currency
  •  Coverage

Below are links to other universities' guides and tutorials on evaluating information on the web: