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A collection of links to information about mobile apps for library users and librarians.

What is an app?

 App is short for "application."

In the realm of technology, this usually refers to a computer program that runs on a

website (Google Apps)
a small computing device (iPad or tablet app)
or a cell phone (Android, Windows or iPhone App)


Within the lists of apps, please note the following concerning operating systems, or platforms. 

Your device runs on a particular "platform" or operating system. In order for you to use an app, it has to be downloadable to your device in the platform that your device uses.

iOS = Apple platform (may include iPod, iPad, iPhone)
Android = Android platform
Windows = Windows mobile platform
Blackberry =        Blackberry platform
Garnet =    Garnet platform
OVI  =  Symbian (Nokia) platform
MeeGo =
Nokia and Intel mobile platform
webOS =  Palm/HP platform (Linux-based)

platforms =

multiple platforms



About this Guide &
Using this Guide

About this Guide

This page features a collection of links to information about mobile apps that might be useful for library users and librarians.

SEFLIN (Southeast Florida Library Information Network) is a non-profit membership organization of Southeast Florida libraries. This collection supplements several Conferences, including:

  • The 'Mobile App Speed Dating' session, presented at the 2012 SEFLIN Annual Conference. This annual conference took place on July 26, 2012, at the Kovens Conference Center, located on the Florida International University campus in North Miami. 
  • "Mobile Devices: Gateway to Your Library," the 2013 SEFLIN Virtual Conference to be held online on September 20, 2013. For more details about this conference, please click here

 Using this Guide

  • The apps are divided by subject headings into alphabetically-ordered boxes.
  • Favorite apps are listed with a  next to them.
  • Many of the apps are free, but not all.
    • Apps that are not free will show a  next to them.
    • Apps that are free, but can be upgraded for a fee will show a  next to them.
  • To get a short bubble description of an app, hover your cursor over the link for it. Clicking on the link will open up a new window where you can read more about the app and how to download it.